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Hung’s Delicacies, Hong Kong International Airport

Hung’s Delicacies, located on level three of Terminal 2 at Hong Kong International Airport, is a branch of the Michelin-starred original that specializes in classic braised meats slow-cooked in a secret blend of spices. Snacks include Cantonese-style spiced beef shank and boiled egg and sliced cuttlefish, all in chef Hung’s signature “lou seoi” sauce, a stock resulting from the slow cooking of more than ten kinds of herbs. Soups, which vary daily, are homemade and serve three to four people, while seafood dishes include cold crab and panfried pomfret. There are also vegetarian options, such as "goose" made of bean curd, congee, noodle and rice dishes and braised vegetables in red marinated-tofu sauce. 85-2/3197-9332; hongkongairport.com.

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